Tena kotou e te whanau/nga whanaunga – I have just returned

home from the marae after being there for two days attending the

tangi of my whanaunga Ruangaio Tawhai/King, daughter of my

cousin Hamana Tawhai and his wife Tiahua Hau/Tawhai,

Although it was a sad occasion, it was a memorable one for me as

I hadn’t seen her for such a long time and just choice to see her

children/ their spouses and nga mokopuna – as well as her other

Sister’s (Moehau) children/spouses and nga mokopuna.   Harata and

Hali are in Te Rawhiti, so I see them and their whanau quite often.

But it brought back memories and happy days we spent at 10 Clarkes

Lane, Hobby, together with Tommy Kanapu, his parents Charlie and

Hema.   And of course we all went to Avondale College together,

Mohi and cousin Claude would spend Friday evening with us at

Rosebank Road in preparation for their attending the First 15 games

next day at whatever school they were playing.


Ruangaio was  a little bit younger than we were, but Waiheke and Paddy

were about the same age.   Mohi and I were the same age, or thereabouts.


You know whanau, I was thinking today, there are such a lot of you,

I want to hold a wananga/tikanga hui to “bring you all back to basics” –

This is no offence to the way you are all living at the moment, no, but

I think it is time that some of you ‘switched’ over to your ‘taha Maori’ –

You all missed the essence of the korero which was spoken at the

Marae and at the urupa………….

So, whanau, ….. give it a thought.


Have to fill my glass up now, (!!) so think about what I’ve said my dears.

Catch up with you another time.

X x x


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