Northland: Under the weather and feeling just fine

I’m 30m down in the clear water of the Bay of Islands, swimming through the narrow passageways of HMNZS Canterbury, seeking to exorcise a painful memory. Suddenly, through the underwater gloom, I spy the object of my mission: a row of toilets. Success.

Flashback to 2003, just before my 26th birthday. Sitting in a bar in Invercargill, I read the confusing instructions to a packet of seasick pills and wondered whether to swallow them.

Next morning I’d board the frigate Canterbury to head for the storm-tossed Sub-Antarctic Islands and photograph the Minister of Conservation launching the Auckland Island Marine Reserve and – rather more thrillingly – get the chance to set foot on some of the most remote islands in the world.

Read the full article on the NZ Herlad website: Northland: Under the weather and feeling just fine



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