Whareuku Housing for Maori Communities

The Whareuku team from the University of Auckland are developing a low-cost, flax-fibre reinforced earthen housing solution for rural Maori communities.

According to the team:

Our scenario for sustainable living is one where the social, cultural and physical needs of all individuals in all communities are met. If these objectives are to be met for present and future generations, the processes and methods implemented must draw on the concept of kaitiakitanga (sustainability and guardianship).The concept of kaitiakitanga is a holistic concept that places the occupants of the land in the context of a greater whole with a responsibility to protect and preserve the environmental and spiritual wellbeing of the land.

The Whareuku team is made up of students that are motivated by the clear need to create a better way to house people so that our generation and the generations after us will be able to inherit a world with a truly sustainable housing industry and have a more vibrant and healthy natural environment to live in.

Watch this video for more information about constructing the house.


For more information and photos, visit the Whareuku page on the Sustainable Habitat Challenge 2009.

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