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Marae Development

December 19, 2013

Huge thanks for your donations

Nga mihi nui kia koutou nga tini whanau o Te Rawhiti Marae. Nga mihi nui  kia koutou mo o koutou awhi ki  …

New Te Rawhiti Marae Windows
April 15, 2013

New Dining Room Windows

The marae has a new addition! There are some wonderful new windows in the dining room. The windows themselves were kindly bought by …

October 23, 2011

Marae Working Bee – Come Get Involved!

We have had a Special AGM election of Trustees on October 16, 2011. There are new Trustees. The hau kainga decided that after they had to clean out the rats, that changes were needed at the Marae. They had left its care to the Trustees most of whom did not attend meetings or did not live in Rawhiti. Only Rahema Hook lived there for the last few months. This had come about because of the few people who wanted to be Trustees. The cleaning of the Marae was haphazard dependent on the Hook whanau or whanau who used the Marae.

Te Rawhiti Marae
February 21, 2011

Te Rawhiti Marae Development Report

This Feasibility Report discusses proposed developments for Te Rawhiti Marae. The need for the renovation and extension of the Marae has been discussed for the last 18 years. The facilities do not cater for the larger numbers who already attend varied events at the Marae. The upgrade is long overdue. Fundraising to provide these extensions is vital.

Te Rawhiti Marae
February 19, 2011

Help Renovate the Marae

Our 2011 Fundraising Campaign – Our plans are ready to set in motion, but we need your help to get going. Help us build a Marae to be proud of!

Te Rawhiti Marae
May 25, 2009

Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee

In 2002, the Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee was formed as a driver to carry out the above project. It is a sub-Committee of the Marae Trust. It has its own Bank account and its main function is to raise funds for renovating and expanding the Marae. It also is responsible for providing plans for the marae’s development.