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NCEA & the Whanau Workshop
March 26, 2013

NCEA & The Whanau Workshop

Want to know how NCEA works and how you can help your tamariki succeed?

On Tuesday 21st May at Te Rawhiti Marae, there will be an NCEA & the Whanau Workshop, 4pm to 5.15pm.

September 8, 2011

Manu Huruhuru Wananga – Feather Workshop

Learn how to pelt the feathers of native birds for use in the making of korowai (cloaks). The Department of Conservation receives dead native birds from members of the public and stores these to be used in the making of korowai. This workshop is an opportunity for skilled practitioners in this art to share their knowledge with Northland communities.

June 10, 2008


 Whangaruru School 28th and/or 29th June, 2008


You receive a certificate and a First Aid book at the end of the day.


Please contact Barb on 094037012 or Aunty Ma on 094037064 or Whangaruru School

Michelle Elboz (Barb)